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Apply with UPMC

jeudi 31 mars 2011, par Christian Queinnec

This page tries to explain in English how to apply to UPMC in order to become a PhD student. There are different Web applications running for UPMC and EDITE ; the communication between these Web applications is not instantaneous.

Get known from UPMC

If you are already known from UPMC (with a 7-figure number) then go to the next section to be known from EDITE. Otherwise you have to register with this form. Since this form is in French, here are some indications to help you fill that form.

On this first form, choose to apply to grade doctorat.

If you hold a master coming from an European university, choose the first link, otherwise choose the second link. In both cases, ignore the deadline (date de clôture) in the last column to the right !

In both cases, fill in identity information

  • Sex (civilité) : M for Male, Mme for Female
  • Last name (nom patronymique)
  • Spouse name (nom marital) only if you care !
  • First name (prénom)
  • Birthday (date de naissance) ddmmyyyy
  • Town of birth (ville)
  • Country of birth (pays)
  • Département only for French people
  • Nationality (nationalité)
  • Family situation (situation de famille) Choices are - single without children, - couple without children, - single with children, - couple with children

Then click on the page suivante next button.

In both cases, fill in postal and email addresses. Remember the email you choose, you will need it afterwards. I only comment the mandatory information (the ones with a star)

  • number and street N° et libellé de la voie
  • country pays
  • zip code code postal
  • town ville
  • phone number téléphone There is no star on that field but I recommend filling it if we need to contact you urgently.
  • kind of inhabitation Type d’hébergement : set it to Autre mode d’hébergement
  • email adresse électronique. Set it to a working and durable email, don’t forget it, you will need it as login soon !

Then click on the page suivante next button.

Then if you obtained a French baccalauréat, fill that form otherwise just set a year (2009 is fine) then select Titre étranger obtenu à l’étranger admis en équivalence and click on the next button.

Fill the laboratory to which you apply. This is a tough step where you have to find the name of the director of the laboratory (it is better to set it correctly but it seems that nothing wrong happens if incorrectly set). Then choose Paris 6 in the list of universities (and not UPMC) this will trigger a long list of laboratories within UPMC among which you must find your laboratory. Eventually click on the next button.

Fill the name of the adviser.

If you really have a second adviser, you may fill that other form. Otherwise, set the first menu to sans objet : Not Applicable.

Important step now ! Tell what will be your doctoral school : EDITE de Paris that is Informatique, télécommunication, électronique de Paris. Tell also what is your funding.

This is the end. The page you obtain is a summary of the information you gave. You may go back and fixe mistakes.

When ready validate i.e., click on the button Valider. In return you will get a PDF file containing some instructions (in French). Keep this PDF file, it contains a two important pieces of information : a seven-figure number identifying you and an associated password.

With these, you may connect to your UPMC profile and see how it evolves. You will also receive an automatic welcome email (in French)

Get known from EDITE

EDITE is a doctoral school hosted by UPMC but serving a wider set of institutions. Visit its Web site and subscribe to its RSS threads.

Once you are known from UPMC, you will be known from EDITE (at most 2 or 3 days after) provided you mentioned EDITE as your doctoral school ! Normally, as soon as you get known from EDITE, you will receive an automatic e-mail announcing you that you now are a candidate. Then visit your EDITE profile in order to change at least your password. But since this is your first access, you don’t have yet a way to authenticate !

To get an access, click on the link ``forgotten password’’ (mot de passe oublié),

Fill in the email you mention when registering with UPMC and submit that information, you will receive an email with a link giving you a one-time access (valid only a few hours) to the web-site. Once connected, you’ll see your name on top of the page, take this opportunity to change your password (click on the little keyboard icon at the top of the page).

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