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The EDITE board

Thursday 17 November 2011, by Marilyn Galopin, Raphaël Fournier

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The EDITE board was created according to the article 12 of the August 7th 2006 decree :

The board of the graduate school adopts the program of the graduate school actions and manages, through its decisions, the matters within the doctoral program in accordance with Articles 2 through 5 of this Order.

The board consists of twelve to twenty-six members. Half of its members are representatives of institutions, research teams or units including one representative of staff engineer, administrator, technicians, workers. The other half is composed of, up to 20% of total board members, rounded if necessary to the lower unit, doctoral students belonging to the graduate school elected by their peers; and is completed by members outside the chosen graduate school, in equal shares among the French and foreign competent in science on the one hand, and in the industrial and socio-economic actors on the other.

Board members other than doctoral students are designated according to rules adopted by the board of the institutions concerned with accreditation.

The board meets at least three times a year.

There are 20 members in the board:

  • 9 representatives of universities and research teams:
    • Amara Amara LISITE ISEP
    • Gérard Assayag STMS IRCAM
    • Aziz Ben Larbi L2E UPMC
    • Isabelle Bloch LTCI Telecom Paris Tech
    • Emmanuelle Encrenaz LIP6 UPMC
    • Catherine Lepers SAMOVAR Telecom Sud Paris
    • Pavlos Moraitis LIPADE Paris Descartes
    • Christophe Picouleau CEDRIC CNAM
    • Alain Sibille LTCI Telecom Paris Tech
  • 1 representative of the "IATOS" personnel :
    • Marilyn Galopin UPMC
  • 3 external industrial consultants :
    • Patrick Cocquet Cap Digital
    • Cédric Demeure Thalès TRT
    • ? from Région Ile de France
  • 3 external scientific consultants:
    • Clarisse Angelier ANRT
    • Michel Renovell CNRS/INS2I
    • Michèle Sebag LRI-université de Paris Sud
  • 4 Ph.D students representatives :
    • Alice Albano
    • Luc-Aurélien Gauthier
    • Amal Oudni
    • one student to be renewed with elections

EDITE was first habilitated for the 2009-2013 period, as its board. For the period 2014-2018, a new board has been set up and approved. The mandates of the Ph.D students representatives only lasts for 2 years.

The documents submitted to or produced by the board are gathered on this website under the section "Document > Conseils".

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