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How to access the EDITE web site ?

Wednesday 1 February 2012, by Christian Queinnec

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After you apply to become a doctoral student of EDITE (the doctoral school on Informatics, Telecommunication and Electronics), you receive a mail from EDITE. The email we use is the login you should use to authenticate. Since you do not have any associated password at the beginning, you should require the web site to send you a temporary link. Here is how you should do it:

  • First go to the EDITE website
  • If you read French, you may browse the site to discover news, courses, PhD proposals, etc.
  • Click on "se connecter" to access the restricted part of the site
  • Fill login and password if you have them or,
  • Click "forgotten password"
  • Fill the email used to send you the welcome email
  • and submit it.

Shortly after, you should receive a mail with a temporary link that allows you to be authenticated. This temporary link is only available for a few hours but you may require new temporary links if you need them. Signal us if the mail was dropped into your spam box so we may improve its shape!

When authenticated, set your password, set your favourite email (which will then become your new login) and fill the other needed information.

When authenticated, you may also provide an OpenId url with Google or Yahoo . The next time you go to EDITE, you may then authenticate via Google or Yahoo and be conveniently authenticated with EDITE.

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