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Apply to the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School on ICT Innovation

Monday 14 October 2013, by Christian Queinnec

The EIT is a body of the European Union. Its mission is to increase European sustainable growth and competitiveness by reinforcing the innovation capacity of the EU. EIT facilitates transitions: from idea to product, from lab to market, from student to entrepreneur.

EIT created KICs (Knowledge Innovation Community), one of them is the EIT ICT Labs on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). The goal of EIT ICT Labs is therefore to develop Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) in the ICT domain.

On the education side, EIT ICT Labs launches a new doctoral program, named "EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School on ICT Innovation" that combines a regular PhD with a standardized I&E education. The I&E education is funded by EIT ICT Labs and yields the EIT ICT Labs certificate.

Though this program is demanding, it will turn young doctors into commercially aware research leaders who understand current and future challenges as well as the opportunities these present to industry.

Applications to this program are open for all first-year EDITE doctoral candidates in Paris vicinity and salaried by UPMC or Institut Mines Telecom. The deadline for applications for summer 2013 is November 10th. Six positions are available for EDITE in 2013.

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