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EDITE Scholarships 2017

Thursday 19 February 2015, by Marilyn Galopin

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This page describes how to apply for EDITE scholarships for 2017. Applications will be open from April 21th 2017. The described procedure allows EDITE to register your application and process it. Feel free to contact Bertrand Granado in case of any trouble.

Request of registration

First, UPMC must know more about you. Whatever is the scholarship you apply to whether in CNAM, ParisDescartes, you must register with UPMC.

  • Or you are already known by UPMC (with a 7 digit number) then directly connect to EDITE. If unknown from EDITE, you will have to tell what is your birthday to authenticate. See next session to proceed.
  • If you are unknown from UPMC, then register with UPMC website and fill the demande d’autorisation d’inscription (in French). BE CAREFUL: Register as soon as possible since it usually takes 2 or 3 days before EDITE can extract your registration from UPMC databases.

The demande d’autorisation d’inscription (in French) is a series of forms to fill (see how to here).

Applications to one or more PhD

Connect to EDITE extranet, authenticate (details here) and choose Apply to some scholarships. Choose up to 2 PhD proposals, sort them by decreasing preference and don’t forget to save your choices.

On the home page, upload all the documents (PDF only) to support your application: diploma, transcript, recommendation letter(s) and motivation letter. Feel free to add any others document that can be in favor of your candidature.

Contact the author of the PhD proposals you apply to. The author, if convinced of the interest of your application, will select it and propose it to a "thematic committee". This committee may convoke you for further examination. Thematic committees examine the applications and propose a sorted selection of them to the jury.


Applications are open from April 21 to May 19 2017. Thematic committees will be over by June 16. The jury will be held on June 20. Results are a list of laureates and a complementary list in case of laureates’ dismissals. These two lists will be published before June 22 on this web site. Laureates will receive a personal mail from the director of EDITE.

If you are not a laureate, see with proponents whether other funding resources are available.

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