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PhD department

jeudi 8 janvier 2009, par Christian Queinnec

This page gives some information on EDITE, in English, for non-French reading people.

EDITE is a ``doctoral school’’ that is, a department in charge of all PhD students in Computer Science, Telecommunication and Electronics. EDITE gathers laboratories from UPMC (Paris 6), Telecom ParisTech, CNAM, Telecom SudParis, IRCAM, INRIA Rocquencourt and University Paris Descartes (Paris 5).


If you are looking after a PhD in the laboratories of EDITE, read the page where PhD proposals are displayed then feel free to contact the proponents of the PhD you are interested in.

How to authenticate on EDITE Web site

If you are a PhD student of EDITE then you have a personal account on the Web site of EDITE. To log on this site, you must know your login that is, the email that was used to send you the first email from EDITE. With this email as login, you may ask for a temporary access link. When you receive that email, click on the temporary access link and set your password, your favorite email address (which will become your new login) and many other things such as your photo !

If later, you forget your password, ask for another temporary access link !

If you have an account with Google or Yahoo, you may use the authentication facility they provide to log onto EDITE.

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