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Identify and release your stress
4 demi-journées, 2 points

As a trainee, by the end of those 12 hours, you will have… : Understood what stress trully means and its impact be it Positiv Negativ Identified your own stress profile Inner sources Impacts Main areas for development Put into practice your own tools to better manage your stress on a daily basis My stress management toolbox


Step 1 : Stress, you said ? Apprehension Vs Stress? Eustress Vs Distress Core sources, symptoms and different impact Ecosystem

Step 2 : Better knowing myself to better stop my stress Different personalities and stress "core drivers" Impact on my stress level and core expectations "Potatoe" syndrome or how to o distinguish brakes and constraints o decide to act at my proper responsability level

Step 3 : Linking the nature and quality of my inner dialogue to my ability to master my distress My cognitions My 3 internal stress factors Learning how to master my illusions in 4 steps

Step 4 : Acting on my stress 10 habits of pretty relaxed and serene Phd's Diaphragmatic breathing Schulz's self relaxation techniques My action plan to release my stress

During 12 hours, you will go through a blend of: • Consultant's best practices • Activities • Tests • Step by step self-diagnosis • Many roleplays to practice the newly aquired stress management tools Live on camera ! Stress management exercises

Targeted set of skills

Knowledge Understanding what stress truly means and how it affects us in a positiv or negativ way

Know-how Being able to step by step diagnose ones own stress profile Discovering practical tools to prevent negativ stress from happening Learning how to limit stress when it happens

Behaviours Discovering the proper profile and attitudes to get the best out of stress

13 et 14 octobre 2016
CODE COURS : PP_VC-Stress (en anglais) Rubrique Projet Professionnel et Valorisation des Compétences : Mon contrat zéro stress Télécom Paristech Site Dareau : 37/39 rue Dareau - 75014 Paris 2ème PLAN : http://www.telecom-paristech.fr/telecom-paristech/adresses-acces-contacts.html Horaire : 9h30-17h30 SALLE : DA001
Coût (pour l'ED130): 500 €
21 et 22 mars 2017
Télécom-Paristech 37 et 39, rue Dareau. 75014 PARIS Deuxième plan sur ce lien http://www.telecom-paristech.fr/telecom-paristech/adresses-acces-contacts.html Horaire : 9h30-17h30 SALLES : DB003
Coût (pour l'ED130): 500 €