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Building up on my talents and skills to develop into a leading candidate
2 jours, 2 points

Building up on my talents and skills to develop into a leading candidate As a trainee, by the end of those 12 hours, you will have… 1/ Identified your Candidate profile Interpersonal skills

Starter Questions to ask oneself prior to any application? Best channel to apply ? E-reputation? Brakes Vs constraints?

Step 1 Linking my applications to both my personal as well as professional aspirations Mission Vs Project Vs Objectives? Describing one's own core motivation and project

Step 2 Identifying my set of skills to succeed in my project 4 types of skills SWOT analysis

Step 3 Making a difference through my resume Worst and best practices Online or offline applications ?

Professional skills 2/ Defined your own Methodology to make a difference at each stage of the process when candidating "Basics" generating success 3/ Thus devised , set and experienced your own Career plan Candidate toolkit Step 4 Writing down an impacting cover letter "BAC" introductions

Step 5 Avoiding to fall into the traps of the most common "tests"

Step 6 Making an impact when in group or face to face interviews Best and worst practices before, during and after interviews Pitching oneself STAR methodology to describe one step in my career Behaving the leader way Non verbal language Persuasive lines of argument Leading state of mind

During 12 hours, you will go through a blend of: Consultant's best practices Tests / self diagnosis Step by step productions CV SWOT analysis Motivational profile Cover letter Impacting line of arguments … Many roleplays Live on camera ! Face to face as well as in group interviews

Any recommandations prior to the session?

In the best case scenario, participants are suggested to come up to the first day of the training with their own prepared deliverables so they can be challenged and improved by the consultant: for instance their CV, Cover Letter, E-profiles , E-reputation, etc...

Targeted set of skills

Knowledge Understand why and where to focus your energy in order to accomplish your personal projet Knowhow Building up your own toolkit to succeed at each stage of the application process as well as methodology Behavior Getting out of difficult moments or challenges at each stage of the process Becoming and then behaving as a leading candidate

KPI's Measuring one's own improvement and performance in the recruitment process

9 et 10 février 2017
CODE COURS : PP_VC-Valo Rubrique Projet Professionnel et Valorisation des Compétences : Valoriser mes Compétences Télécom Paristech 46 rue Barrault 75013 Paris http://www.telecom-paristech.fr/telecom-paristech/adresses-acces-contacts.html Horaire : 9h30-17h30 Salles : E200
Coût (pour l'ED130): 500 €