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Principes and applications of spintronics
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The course combines computer science, physics and nanotechnology. It is designed to give an outlook of spintronics, namely:

What is spintronics, where it is already implemented (HDD, sensors), principles of spintronics and spintronic phenemoena, perspectives together with description of modern problems of magnetism and nanotechnology Detailed applications: sensors, magnetic recording in HDD, magnetic RAM, microwave generators and detectors Modelling and simulation of spintronic nano-devices Methods of fabrication and measurements of nano-structures for spintronic applications

Dr. Marek Frankowski (AGH University of Science and Technology – Department of Electronics)

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12 juin 2017
Dr. Marek Frankowski
Télécom ParisTech 46 rue Barrault 75013 Paris Horaire : 9h-18h30 Salle : H2
Coût (pour l'ED130): 500 €