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État académique
Thèse soutenue
Titulaire d'une HDR (ou équivalent) 1989-10-01
Laboratoire: personnel permanent
Direction de thèses (depuis 2007)
Propositions de sujets de thèse
Ellipse bleue: doctorant, ellipse jaune: docteur, rectangle vert: permanent, rectangle jaune: HDR. Trait vert: encadrant de thèse, trait bleu: directeur de thèse, pointillé: jury d'évaluation à mi-parcours ou jury de thèse.
Productions scientifiques
Activity Pattern Impact of Primary Radio Nodes on Channel Selection Strategies
In Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Cognitive Radio and Advanced Spectrum Management (CogART11), in conjunction with ISABEL 2011, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain 2011
DTN Support for News Dissemination in an Urban Area
Networking (1) 2011
Improving Data Dissemination in Multi-Hop Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Networks
3rd International ICST Conference on Ad Hoc Networks (ADHOCNETS 2011). Published in the Proceedings of Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (LNICST), Springer., Paris, France 2011
Leveraging Caching for Internet-Scale Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Networks
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Communications 2011 (ICC2011), Kyoto, Japan 2011
LORD: Tracking Mobile Clients in a Real Mesh
Massive Data Migration on Wheels
Proceedings of IFIP/IEEE WONS (WONS), Bardonecchia, Italy 2011
Predicting the popularity of online articles based on user comments
WIMS 2011
SERVUS: Reliable low-cost and disconnection-aware broadcasting in VANETs
Proceedings of IEEE International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, Istanbul, Turkey 2011
A Cognitive Radio Based Internet Access Framework for Disaster Response Network Deployment
Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Cognitive Radio and Advanced Spectrum Management (CogART'10), in conjunction with ISABEL 2010, Rome, Italy 2010
Contact surround in opportunistic networks
Proceedings of the IEEE 21st International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC 2010, 26-29 September 2010, Istanbul, Turkey 2010
Federation of virtualized infrastructures: sharing the value of diversity
Proceedings of the 2010 ACM Conference on Emerging Networking Experiments and Technology, CoNEXT 2010, Philadelphia, PA, USA, November 30 - December 03, 2010 2010
Insights into the Routing Stability of a Multi-hop Wireless Testbed - (Invited Paper)
Ad Hoc Networks - Second International Conference, ADHOCNETS 2010, Victoria, BC, Canada, August 18-20, 2010, Revised Selected Papers 2010
Integration of 3G Connectivity in PlanetLab Europe
Vol. 3 15, pp. 344-355 2010
IOA-CBR: information overload-aware content-based routing
Proceedings of the Fourth ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems, DEBS 2010, Cambridge, United Kingdom, July 12-15, 2010 2010
OneLab: An Open Federated Facility for Experimentally Driven Future Internet Research
Several initiatives worldwide are seeking to build an open, general-purpose, and sustainable large-scale shared experimental facility to foster the emergence of the Future Internet. This objective is ambitious as it calls for the setting up of testbeds to study solutions yet to be designed. Furthermore, any proposed new architecture must be accompanied by a transition scenario to overcome the significant ob-stacles that will lie in the path to its eventual adoption. %X The OneLab experimental facility is a leading prototype for a flexi-ble federation of testbeds that is open to the current Internet. OneLab has pioneered the concept of testbed federation, providing a federation model that has been proven through a durable interconnection between its flagship testbed PlanetLab Europe (PLE) and the global PlanetLab infrastructure, mutualising over five hundred sites around the world. OneLab is further developing an understanding of what it means for autonomous organizations operating heterogeneous test-beds to federate their computation, storage, and network resources, including defining terminology, establishing universal design princi-ples, and identifying candidate federation strategies.
New Network Architectures: The Path to the Future Internet, eds. Tronco, Tania Regina, Springer 2010
OneLab: Developing Future Internet Testbeds
Towards a Service-Based Internet - Third European Conference, ServiceWave 2010, Ghent, Belgium, December 13-15, 2010. Proceedings 2010
Adaptive and occupancy-based channel selection for unreliable cognitive radio networks
Avalanche: towards a scalable content-based Pub/Sub network service
Proceedings of the Third ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS) 2009
Delay Estimation of a User-Preferred Content Distribution Scheme in Disruption Tolerant Networks
AINTEC 2009 2009
Intégration d'un indicateur de proximité dans les mesures de contact
cfip, Strasbourg, France 2009
Multihop Cognitive Radio Networks: To Route or Not To Route
Note sur les performances de TCP dans un environnement sans-fil multisaut
Colloque francophone sur l'ingénierie des protocoles (CFIP'09) 2009
Practical DHT-Based Location Service for Wireless Mesh Networks
SIMPS: Using sociology for personal mobility
Vol. 3 17, pp. 831-842 2009
SIMPS: Using sociology for personnal mobility
Toward Reliable Contention-aware Data Dissemination in Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
Transparent and Distributed Localization of Mobile Users in Wireless Mesh Networks
International ICST Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness (QShine'09) 2009