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Pierre SENS
État académique
Thèse soutenue le 1994-12-12
Titulaire d'une HDR (ou équivalent) 2000-12-21
Laboratoire: personnel permanent
Direction de thèses (depuis 2007)
Propositions de sujets de thèse
Ellipse bleue: doctorant, ellipse jaune: docteur, rectangle vert: permanent, rectangle jaune: HDR. Trait vert: encadrant de thèse, trait bleu: directeur de thèse, pointillé: jury d'évaluation à mi-parcours ou jury de thèse.
Productions scientifiques
Service Level Agreement for Distributed Mutual Exclusion in Cloud Computing
12th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGRID'12), Ottawa, Canada 2012
A Failure Detector for Wireless Networks with Unknown Membership
Euro-Par 2011
A Tabu Based Cache to Improve Latency and Load Balancing on Prefix Trees
Architectures de filtrage reconfigurables dynamiquement.
Conférence Française en Systèmes d'Exploitation 2011
Distibuted Systems: Design and Algorithms
Wiley 2011
DONUT: Building Shortcuts in Large-Scale Decentralized Systems with Heterogeneous Peer Distributions
30th Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS 2011), Madrid, Spain 2011
DRing: A Layered Scheme for Range Queries over DHTs
Traditional DHT structures provide very poor support for range queries, since uniform hashing destroys data locality. Several schemes have been proposed to overcome this issue, but they fail to combine load balancing, low message overhead, and low latency in search operations. In this article we present DRing, an efficient layered solution that directly supports range queries over a ring-like DHT structure. We improve load balancing by using only the nodes that store data, and by updating neighbour information through an optimistic approach. DRing produces low overhead and low latency in environments where queries significantly outnumber data insertion operations. We analyze DRing through simulation and show that our solution does not rely on data distribution.
pp. 29-34 2011
Enhancing Fault Tolerance of Distributed R-Tree
5th Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing 2011
Étude d'une architecture MapReduce tolérant les fautes byzantines.
Actes des 20éme Rencontres francophones du parallélisme (RENPAR'11), Saint-Malo, France 2011
The time-free approach to Byzantine failure detection in dynamic networks
Vol. 0, pp. 3-8 2011
What model and what conditions to implement unreliable failure detectors in dynamic networks?
Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Theoretical Aspects of Dynamic Distributed Systems 2011
An Aggregation-Based Routing Protocol for Structured Peer to Peer Overlay Networks
Byzantine Failure Detection for Dynamic Distributed Systems
Byzantine failure detectors provide an elegant abstraction for solving security problems. However, as far as we know, there is no general solution for this problem in a dynamic distributed system of unknown networks. This paper presents thus a first Byzantine failure detector for this context. The protocol has the interesting feature to be asynchronous, that is, the failure detection process does not rely on timers to make suspicions. This characteristic favors its scalability and adaptability and leads to an intriguing conjecture about the pattern of the overlying algorithm that uses the failure detector as a building block: it should be symmetrical.
Dynamically Reconfigurable Filtering Architectures
12th International Symposium Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems, SSS 2010
Enhanced DR-tree for low latency filtering in publish/subscribe systems
International Conference on. Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-10) 2010
Making Hadoop MapReduce Byzantine Fault-Tolerant
Proceedings of the The 40th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN'2010) - Fast Abstract, Chicago, USA 2010
Partition Participant Detector with Dynamic Paths in Mobile Networks
IEEE International Symposium on Networking Computing and Applications, NCA 2010
Unreliable Failure Detectors for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
978 0 7695 3760 3
A Timer-Free Fault Tolerant K-Mutual Exclusion Algorithm
Vol. 0, pp. 41-48 2009
Building Effective Mutual Exclusion Services for Grids
Vol. 49, No. 1, pp. 84-107 2009
Churn-Resilient Replication Strategy for Peer-to-Peer Distributed Hash-Tables
The 11th International Symposium on Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems (SSS~2009), Lyon, Fr 2009
Corpus sur les système d'exploitation
Encyclopedie Universalis 2009
Efficient filtering for massively distributed video games
Fundamentals of Grid Computing (CRC Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Series), 1 edition
Chapman and Hall 2009
Partition Participant Detector with Dynamic Paths in MANETs
Towards a distributed computing model that characterizes dynamics of mobile networks
Colibri: Colloque d'Informatique Brésil / INRIA 2009