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Thèse soutenue le 2014-01-07
Sujet: Domestic and mobile networks : Measurements, analyses, and patterns
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Productions scientifiques
An end-host view on local traffic at home and work
This paper compares local and wide-area traffic from end-hosts connected to different home and work networks. We base our analysis on network and application traces collected from 47 end-hosts for at least one week. We compare traffic patterns in terms of number of connections, bytes, duration, and applications. Not surprisingly, wide-area traffic dominates local traffic for most users. Local connections are often shorter and smaller than Internet connections. Moreover, we find that name services (DNS) and network file systems are the most common local applications, whereas web surfing and P2P, which are the most popular applications in the wide-area, are not significant locally.
Passive and active measurementsinvited conference talk 2012-03-12
Tracking application network performance in Home Gateways
Home gateways offer Internet connectivity for all devices in the home, allowing services such as telephony or gaming. However, typical home gateways do not include any mechanism to guarantee optimal performance when applications are competing for the same resources. In this paper we outline an application performance optimization approach for home networks. In particular we study the feasibility of application performance tracking on home gateways, which involves both identification of active applications and monitoring their performance. Our results show that although the home gateway has limited resources, it still has the capacity to do more than just forwarding packets. It can collect and export all the information needed to perform our application performance optimization.
IEEE Communications Magazinearticle in peer-reviewed journal 2013-07-07
Thèse: Domestic and Mobile networks: measurements, analysis, and patterns
Soutenance: 2014-01-07
Rapporteurs: Nathalie MITTON    Yacine GHAMRI