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Sujet: Construction de compétences non techniques en situation critique: une approche exploratoire appliquée à la chirurgie et la conduite.
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A multi-layered architecture for analysis of non-technical-skills in critical situations
International audience
In most technical domains, it is a worker’s technical expertise which determines how they assess and respond to situations. However, their performance is also influenced by meta-cognitive abilities, such as situation awareness and decision-making or personal resources skills such as stress and fatigue management. These expertise are commonly described as non-technical skills. Studies have shown that while these skills almost always complement technical activity, they are most influential during critical situations, where usual technical procedures cannot be successfully applied. The MacCoy-Critical project will Intelligent Learning Environment, able to diagnose a learner’s non-technical skills in critical situations inside of a virtual environment, in the domains of driving and delivery handling by midwives. This diagnosis should in turn allow the architecture to generate adapted immediate feedback, as well as providing new learning critical situations adapted to the learner’s skills. As part of the project, this article focuses on the challenges raised by the diagnosis of non-technical skills inside a virtual environment. We propose a general architecture which aims to extract information concerning the influence of non-technical skills from learners’ activity, assuming the technical skills are already acquired. This article presents the conceptual un-derpinnings behind the proposed architecture.
Artificial Intelligence In Education https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01517152 Artificial Intelligence In Education, Jun 2017, Wuhan, China. 2017, AIED 2017ARRAY(0x7fe6a73905e8) 2017-06-29
An Approach for the Analysis of Perceptual and Gestural Performance During Critical Situations
International audience
Our objective is the design of a Virtual Learning Environment to train a person performing a work activity, to acquire non-technical skills during the experience of a critical situation. While the person’s performance level is due to carefully acquired technical skills, how it is maintained in front of criticality depends on non-technical skills, such as decision-making, situation awareness or stress management. Following previous break downs of the domains ill-defined aspects, we focus in this paper on the design of an approach to evaluate the variation of a learner’s performance in front of learning situations showing varying degrees of criticality, in the domains of driving and midwifery
EC-TEL 2017 https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01578390 EC-TEL 2017, Sep 2017, Tallinn, Estonia. Springer International Publishing, 2017, 〈http://www.ec-tel.eu/index.php?id=777〉. 〈10.1007/978-3-319-66610-5_29〉 http://www.ec-tel.eu/index.php?id=777ARRAY(0x7fe6a73094f8) 2017-09-13
Simulation and virtual reality-based learning of non-technical skills in driving: critical situations, diagnostic and adaptation
International audience
Abstract: Project MacCoy Critical aims to study and to improve training systems using simulation andvirtual environments in medical education (obstetrics) and in driving education (novice drivers during thefirst months of autonomous driving). The paper describes and justifies the main concepts, the approachand the architecture elaborated from a multidisciplinary viewpoint in order to provide more appropriateand flexible Virtual Environments for Learning/Training to support the acquisition
IFAC papers online http://hal.upmc.fr/hal-01502327 IFAC papers online, 2016, 49 (32), pp.66-71. 〈http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405896316328634〉 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405896316328634ARRAY(0x7fe6a73095b8) 2016
An Approach to the TEL Teaching of Non-technical Skills from the Perspective of an Ill-Defined Problem
International audience
Adaptive and Adaptable Learning 11th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2016 https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01406624 11th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2016, Sep 2016, Lyon, France. Springer, Adaptive and Adaptable Learning, 9891, pp.555-558, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 〈http://www.ec-tel.eu/index.php?id=732〉. 〈10.1007/978-3-319-45153-4_62〉 http://www.ec-tel.eu/index.php?id=732ARRAY(0x7fe6a74123d8) 2016-09-13