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Formal game design support tools and models: Could they improve game design practice?

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Directeur de thèse:
Doctorant: Katharine NEIL
Unité de recherche EA 1395 Centre d'Étude et de Recherche en Informatique et Communications


Game designers do not use tools to support their design process. For over ten years key designers and researchers have argued for the development and use of both conceptual and concrete tools. To this end, formal game design models have been proposed and very recently experimental software-based tools have been developed. To date, however, none of these tools or models have been adopted into mainstream or even fringe practice within the game design community.

This PhD project will contribute practical evaluation research towards the question of whether – and if so, how - these experimental formal models and tools can actually aid and improve the game design process. My design work, as well as being a major component of this PhD, will also serve as case studies for analysis in my design research. The goal is to evaluate researchers’ experimental tools and design models in my own design practice, applying them to a variety of real game design problems.