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Émetteur RF pour la radio cognitive

Résumé rédigé par
Directeur de thèse:
Doctorant: Islam ESHRA
Unité de recherche UMR 7606 Laboratoire d'informatique de Paris 6


The concept of cognitive radio is based on portable devices capable of analyzing the spectrum

congestion and establishing communication on the available frequency bands using the appropriate

standards. Nowadays, transceivers capable of establishing a wireless communication using several

standards while covering a large frequency range have very high power consumption and are therefore

not convenient for portable devices. The LIP6-CIAN research team has a good experience in the

design and implementation of low-power multi-standard RF receivers for Cognitive radio applications


In this PhD project, we propose to investigate the design and implementation of low-power multi- standard RF transmitters for Cognitive Radio Applications. In order to easily tune the center frequency

and the Bandwidth of the transmitted signal, we will target a highly digitized RF Transmitter

architecture [Jerng2006][Frappe2007].

During these 3 years duration of the Ph.D. we are expected to achieve the following:

1- Study the state of the art of RF Transmitters for cognitive radio applications and determine the

desired specifications.

2- Develop a system level model in MATLAB for the simulation of tunable RF Transmitters.

3- Propose an efficient circuit design for a tunable RF Transmitter.

4- Design and implementation of the tunable RF Sigma-Delta in a 65nm CMOS process.

5- Measurement of the fabricated circuit.

6- Publications and Ph.D. thesis writing.